The efficacy of the software has been tested in the laboratory, in a virtual training camp, and during real training days on the shooting range, in collaboration with the Italian Army.

The main characteristic of the software is the ability to provide the shooting data for each deployed mortar contemporarily and in a very short time, without calculation errors.


Moreover, shooting data are updated, in real-time, after:

- Objective coordinates correction.

- Different fire distribution.

- Ammunition change.

-Fire evaluation on patrols.


Other implemented characteristics are:

-The availability of all the intermediated data necessary for the shooting data.

-         The possibility to register coordinates (UTM or polar format) of different objectives.

-         The possibility to use different ammunition for each deployed mortar.

-         The possibility to beat six different objectives with six mortars, contemporarily.

-         Topographical surveys with all the methods for the determination of the station point.

-         A database of the shooting data and of the fire evaluation to perform statistical analysis  of the entire operations and the balistic classification.

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